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Welcome to my drum booth! This acoustically treated studio is the perfect environment for recording live drums. It comes fully equipped with everything needed to create the ideal drum track for your next session!


Rather than creating pre-packaged loops, I offer a 100% human experience unique to each project! Upon hearing your song, I put a great deal of thought into the drum sounds, miking techniques, and most of all the nuance of the performance itself, in order to create the best possible part for your project.

Send me your audio file (minus drums) with either click track, percussion and/or bass, plus any necessary info (instructions, reference recordings, etc.). I will track the drums/percussion in my studio, and send back all the files for you to import into your project.


An additional service I offer is mixing the drums for you, so all you'll need to do is drop the single drum bus file into your project! 

(As a reference... all recordings on this page are my mixes)

Contact me for rates and additional details. Let's collaborate!


Original '68
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